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Our Services

We offer a complete life-cycle of services, including IT Supply Chain Services, Professional Services, Support and Managed Services, and IT Outsourcing Services across a comprehensive range of networking.

Data Center

You need a data center that keeps up with today's pace of business making. Our expertise in data centers facilities, including power and cooling optimization, Rack and Cabinets, PDUs, DCIMs, Aisle containments, structured cabling, Safety and Security Systems, allow you to maximize the impact of your server, storage and virtualization projects.

By Using Modular Data Center, protect on-premise business applications, roll out and implement software defined data centers, simplify and speed up planning, designing and building your data center, Optimize costs and performance, secure critical applications and your most valuable data, monitor, automate and control your entire data center physical infrastructure with integrated DCIM.

Core Networking

IPCOM sees core Network Infrastructure as the platform for all your business functions and communications.

We provide a powerful point of differentiation through availability, flexibility, scalability, performance, and security.

We can help you Design, Integrate, Manage and Secure resilient enterprise LAN and WLAN Infrastructure.


Today Virtualization has become strategy of IT leaders. It is no more cost savings and the containment of CAPEX and OpEX.

Virtualization improves business continuity and resilience, and can assist you in disaster recovery preparations.

We can help you harness the power of virtualization to reduce operational costs and improve automation.

Virtualization is also moving beyond the server and storage domains.

Desktop virtualization is on the fast track to mainstream adoption. Desktop virtualization help you manage device proliferation and operate more effectively and securely in today's mobile, user-centric workspace.

How can it streamline your application and operating system upgrades?

Unified Communication

Our business understands the value of providing employees with a richer, more consolidated communication and collaboration experience. That's why a move towards IP telephony (IPT) forms the foundation of your unified communications and collaboration strategy

Migrating from a distributed, legacy telephony infrastructure to a more integrated, user-centric model abounds with pitfalls. Perhaps you've already invested in IPT, but aren't realizing any cost and efficiency benefits. Optimal design, effective deployment, security, user adoption and management are all crucial.

Safety and Security

Surveillance is not just about protecting your assets from threats. Keeping staff and customers safe is important too and security solutions need to provide the detail required seeing things clearly.

Surveillance system can be used to remotely monitor property and deter vandalism.

A sophisticated, built-in motion detection system can generate an alarm, which automatically transmits images to security operators giving them accurate, up-to-the minute information upon which to base their decisions.

Security project involves a number of stages including system design, product installation, maintenance and support. IPCOM offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that help our Customers get the right solution for the purpose.

We have highly skilled Engineers and Certified technicians that can take you and your business from beginning to end to address the infrastructure needs you are embarking upon today.

Performance Optimization

Improving the end-to-end performance, availability and security of applications and services across communication networks. If your data center has evolved over time, it’s possible that it’s not making the most efficient use of computing, storage, and energy resources. Our data center optimization teams can assist you with data center planning, rationalization, migration, and management across on-premise, hosted, and cloud environments. We ensure that your business continuity isn’t interrupted and that your most precious asset – your data – isn’t lost or rendered inaccessible, through robust backup and recovery systems and techniques.

IT Support Services

You can't afford to run the risk of system failure that impacts on productivity of your business. Our proactive approach reduces risk by identifying problems before they arise.

You want annual maintenance support contract for your existing Data Center Power, Cooling, Fire Alarm, Network Infrastructure, Compute and Storage Server Infrastructure. We have qualified people and proven experience to match our support service match your business needs. We also could help in data center relocation, migration

Building Automation Systems

Voice and Data Network, Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems, Access Control and Video Surveillance Solutions, Public addressing, digital signage, water and energy saving technologies, keep your pace with Internet of Things (IoT) and etc...

SMART Systems

SMART Class Room Solutions Provide more interactive alternatives to traditional teaching. It deals with variety of practical teaching tools and materials for teachers including teaching games , exercises and examples that teachers can apply to their courses.

The SMART as whole brings flexibility to learning and makes the learning ubiquitous. We have partnered with range of solution providers that deliver total Education Innovation Solutions that Brings Your Class to Life with Ease. We could be your preferred partner to help you choose the right solution for your needs.

We Supply, Install, educate and support your SMART CLASS ROOMS, We deliver technology with elegant professional installation services.


Technology advisory services help clients to leverage their technology infrastructure and align technology to their business goals. Don’t invest for over design, don’t suffer because poor solution, we can help you to choose right solution that suites and scale with your business growth. We can also assist you with consolidating your existing platforms, and realizing the operational and cost benefits promised.


Whether you’re looking to develop or build new solutions or enhance what you have already, we provide expert advice and world class solutions, based on a deep understanding of customers’ business and technology needs. Our strategic and technical consultancy services deliver value for your business, every step of the way.

We utilize the latest tools and techniques from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to 3D modelling and technical drawing to help customers understand the options and implications of different approaches.

Because we have the resources in-house, we can do this cost effectively and against tight timescales to respond to specific project demands.

Where you have existing expertise or other consultants, we are more than happy to join or lead your design team. We can build on previous successes and evaluate new ways to innovate and improve performance across all aspects of design.

Data centers and other business critical environments require expert knowledge and specialist skills. We believe innovation is key to delivering optimum performance, reducing cost and maximizing investment.

Our customer focused teams deliver complex, time constrained projects successfully in new and live environments, minimizing risk.

Using our design and delivery expertise, we bring together the people, processes, behaviors and tools needed to operate critical environments safely and proactively – to deliver the optimum performance.

We can give your teams the skills and inspiration to keep creating great experiences. We work together with you to deliver measurable, ongoing results based on a strong foundation of philosophy, process, collaboration and education.

We make it easier to operate your data center today, by Maintaining performance and reducing risk and to deliver the capabilities that IT requires for the future.

Our support services can significantly improve your IT performance and reduce overheads. Our approach to service interruption avoidance is through proactive monitoring and providing responsive management.

Should service interruption occur, our experts are quick to respond and minimize downtime. By making your data center support needs our responsibility, your organization not only benefits from an augmented IT support but also reduced operating costs.

Core Values

  • Customer First
  • We evaluate our deliverable against how much value we bring to our customers.
  • Integrity
  • Our most valuable asset. It drives us to behave honestly and keep our promises by doing it right.
  • Continuous improvement
  • we believe the only way to grow is a continuous improvement through plan-do-check-act cycle.
  • Best People
  • Attracting, developing and retaining innovated and talented peoples for our business.

IPCOM believes in a collaborative environment

We credit our efficiency to our team for the best of quality design and build approach, integrated project management, and support services.









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